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"The info I used from this website was invaluable. I am a woman of color who has experienced plenty of negative encounters with car salesmen. NOT THIS TIME!"
-- Lenore S., San Diego, CA

"Mr. Royce, I followed your car buying advice... and believe it or not, I saved over $7,500!"
-- Ruben G., Chicago, IL

"I can't thank you enough for telling the whole story. I saved thousands of dollars."
-- Michael T., Southgate, MI

"Finally there's someone on the Internet telling the truth about car salesmen."
-- Carol B., Orlando, FL

"Your honest, educational information saved me $3,500 when purchasing my new Hyundai."
-- Nancy, St. Charles, MO

"I never thought I could buy a car with so much confidence."
-- Barbara H., Las Vegas, NV

"Michael, your car buying tips saved me over $3,000! Thanks!"
-- Mark P., San Diego, CA

"Michael's knowledge of his topic is legendary."
-- Tony Hawley, WION Radio

Welcome to the Car Salesman's Worst Nightmare!

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If your car salesman likes you, then you're more likely to get the good car-buying deal and service that you want. (That's just a fact of human nature.) So be nice and friendly to your salesman. It pays to treat him with respect.

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Aren't there any honest car salesmen?
Yes, of course there are, just as there are honest politicians. But the problem is that there are so many unscrupulous car salesmen and the nature of their game can be so tricky, that it's best to be on your guard.

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