By | April 1, 2018

You can buy just about anything at Costco. Do you need paper products for the kitchen or a disinfectant for the bathroom? Check. What about fresh produce for your kids to eat at school. Check. From appliances to electronic devices, Costco is the ultimate one stop shopping experience. The company caters to consumers who crave convenience by offering virtually everything you need to make it through the day.

You can even buy a car at Costco.

Well, you cannot set foot in a Costco and expect to see dozens of vehicles on display for purchase. However, the retail giant offers a groundbreaking program that has changed the way many consumers look at the car buying process. If kicking the tires is not your thing, then you can enjoy a much more relaxed car buying experience by going through Costco for your next vehicle.

Benefits of the Costco Car Buying Program

We have already mentioned convenience, but this bears repeating: Costco saves busy consumers time in the car buying process. You no longer have to visit car dealerships and deal with the time consuming hassle of test driving vehicles and negotiating with aggressive auto sales representatives. Vehicles range from budget-friendly options below $20,000 to luxury cars that cost more than $100,000. Data collected by Costco demonstrates members save on average $1,000 on the price of a vehicle. Costco members also receive a 15% discount on parts, service, and accessory costs at service centers that participate in the car buying program.

How It’s Done

How would you like to enjoy a stress free car buying experience? Costco makes that happen by giving you the tools to brows online and compare the vehicles available in the program. The retail giant also offers tools that calculate monthly payments and customer reviews that give you insight into the performance of specified makes and models. If you want a question answered or need help understanding the process, Costco offers a customer service phone line to take care of members.

Let’s review the steps involved in the Costco car buying program.

Choose a Vehicle

The Costco car buying program features a wide variety of makes and models from several vehicle classes. You have hundreds of vehicles that cover the SUV, truck, sedan, crossover, and sport car vehicle niches. Each vehicle comes with the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP), which represents what the auto manufacturer suggests for the price of a car. Costco also runs a leasing program that gives you plenty of new vehicle options to sign up for a 36-month car lease.

Customize the Vehicle

Costco’s car buying program allows consumers to customize vehicles. The customization tool influences the type of trim and the number of additional options you want for your dream car. You can also select the color you want for a new vehicle. For some cars, your only option is to choose the model.

Submit Contact Information

When you complete the car selection form, the next step involves filling out the contact information form. You will leave your name and the best way to contact you during the day and evening. Add your Costco membership number and then submit the contact information form. Costco analyzes your vehicle request form and sends you information for dealerships offering the vehicle that participate in the car buying program. The detailed program also gives you the name of the sales rep from each participating dealership.

Meet the Sales Rep

You initiate the last step in the Costco car buying process by visiting each recommended dealer and meeting with the sales rep mentioned by Costco in the email response to your vehicle request form. The sales rep will discuss dealership incentives offered only to Costco members. Some dealerships might not have the vehicle you requested on the lot, which means your car request will come from another participating dealer that has the same make and model on site.

You must be a member to participate in the Costco car buying program. Costco can sign you up in person at one of its stores or you can join online by choosing a membership type and adding it to your shopping cart. Costco emails new member numbers, which you show a customer service professional at one of the company stores to pick up your member card.

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