Buying Your New Car Without Negotiating

There are two good ways to buy your new car or truck at a reasonable low price and avoid all of the negotiating games and hassles:

1. Buy through the Internet.

Buying your new or used car or truck through the Internet is the easiest and most hassle-free way to make the purchase.

Here's how it works:

Visit a reliable automotive website such as Edmunds. Choose the vehicle you want to buy. Then provide some basic contact information such as your name and email address. In return, you'll receive - via email - low bottom-line selling prices from dealerships in your area for the exact vehicle you want. Compare the various selling prices to find the lowest price of all.

Once you've found the lowest selling price, you have four good options:

  • You can go to that dealership's Internet Department, sign the papers and drive your new car home - no hassles, no negotiating.
  • You can try to negotiate the lowest price with the dealership in order to get the price even lower. There's nothing that says you can't.
  • You can shop the lowest price around to other dealerships to see if any of them are willing to beat it.
  • You can do nothing. If you feel unsure or uncertain, then set it aside. There's no obligation.
By getting these low bottom-line selling prices via the Internet, you're avoiding the car salesman's negotiating games altogether. And you're buying your car at about the same price you'd expect after lengthy negotiations. It's certainly the fastest and easiest way to beat the car salesman.

Get free price quotes from Edmunds

2. Buy through the dealership's Fleet Department.

Most dealerships have a division called the "Fleet Department." It usually consists of only a handful of salespeople who specialize in selling fleets of cars -- large orders of several vehicles direct to businesses. This department is authorized by the dealership to sell their cars at low bottom-line non-negotiable prices. The prices they offer are about the same as you would expect from an online price quote or after lengthy negotiations.
A secret of the car business is that many dealerships' Fleet Departments also sell direct to the public.
By the rules of the game, however, they can't advertise to the public since they don't want to compete with the dealership's retail sales team. So to buy from the Fleet Department, you have to specifically ask.

To buy your vehicle direct from the dealership's Fleet Department, simply call the dealership and ask to speak with the Fleet Manager. Explain to him that you're ready to buy a car and you'd like to buy it from him. If he asks you what business you are associated with, tell him where you work. He'll probably be happy to make an appointment with you. Unlike car salesmen, the Fleet Manager has little to hide and no games to play. So ask any questions you may have. He'll tell you exactly what to expect. He may also tell you over the phone, if you ask, his exact bottom-line selling price for the car you plan on buying.

When you arrive at the dealership, the Fleet Manager will show you the vehicle, allow you to test drive it, and then bring you to the office to discuss price. With absolutely no negotiations, he'll offer you a reasonable bottom-line non-negotiable selling price for the vehicle.

(By the way, don't let the Fleet Manager's "lingo" throw you. Since the Fleet Department sets its selling prices based on a small profit over the invoice price, he may tell you a selling price that's in relation to the invoice price. For example, he may say, "That car is three over." That means that his current selling price for that particular car is three hundred dollars over the invoice price.)

If the price he gives you falls within the pre-set limits of your buying goal and you're satisfied with the deal, then you can buy the car. No pressure, no games, no hassles.

If for some reason, you don't want to buy the vehicle, you are under no obligation. Simply thank him for his time and leave on good terms. Then you can visit or call the Fleet Departments of other dealerships to compare prices. The selling prices offered by the various Fleet Departments can vary depending upon their inventories.

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